What does it mean to be Authentic

shutterstock_1048827321The business world today is very different from the business world of the past. In fact, it is nothing like what it was a couple of years ago, especially for solo entrepreneurs and small business people.  Being AUTHENTIC and REAL is the most important thing you can be!

You may wonder why this has happened. I believe that the internet has had a very large impact on people and the way they show themselves to the world in general and to their clients. Our close friends know and understand us, but does the rest of the world? Are we transparent enough for people to get a ‘feel’ of who we are? Do we engender sincerity and authenticity? Are our ‘masks’ dropped so we can really show who we are or are we hiding the ‘real me’ behind closed doors? The old saying of ‘what you see, is what you get’ is now more important than ever before.

If you love social media, as I do, you will find that people will be checking you out to see how authentic you really are. It shows on how your present yourself, the type of posts you put up, the friends and contacts you have, what you are doing in your life, who actually comments on your posts and how you ‘play the game’ generally.

The books you read, the music you listen to, the groups you belong to etc. also tell a story.

I am a ‘social media stalker’ and before accepting a new friend, I check them out. I want to know who is in my network, who they are connected with, their conversations and generally how they conduct themselves in the on-line world. I want to have the opportunity to meet as many of them as possible so I can find out how I can support them to realise their dreams and aspirations. To be able to support my network is paramount to me also.

To many, this may sound very strange, especially if they do not use social media in the same way as I do. I believe in quality NOT quantity. The numbers you have in your network is not really important. You can have a complete network with a small group of people. What is important to me is who they are and what they bring to the table, how they support others and whether or not they are ‘puking themselves’ over everyone who comes into contact with them.

I want to know what they do for the betterment of others, how they support their network and how they are represented in the marketplace. It is easy to talk up oneself, but what about what others say? Testimonials bring to the table honest feedback and how people endorse you physically can make or break your business.

So, next time you are considering allowing people into your network, make sure they are people who make a difference to the world in general and not only for their own self-interest.

Be REAL, be AUTHENTIC.  It will show!

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