The Main Ingredients to Building Strong Relationships in Business

Business-Man-and-Lady-Back-To-Back-Article-Image-Oct-2012-200x200Business is changing faster than ever.  Gone are the days when you wanted a service or product that you just went out and purchased the first available on offer.

People are now more savvy shoppers and want more than the widget or service that is being offered.  More often now I find that price has nothing to do with someone not purchasing what is for sale.  A purchaser wants to know that the person they are buying from has other attributes too.  Knowing who they are purchasing from, what sort of customer service they will get now and in the future, are they getting the best from the best and where is the social proof of that belief?  These are all of great importance to the consumer.

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The internet has changed business totally and continues to do so daily.  Social media gives people the opportunity to talk about others, to recommend services and products, or to tell others not to go there.  This is very powerful, especially if you are getting negative comments being made and publicised on the internet. Why do you think large organisations have rooms of people scouring the net for any negative comments that are being made about them or their products?  Airlines, car manufacturers and utility companies, along with many others, have this down to perfection and if you put something negative out there, you will be contacted in a very short period of time, in the hope that it can be rectified before it does any damage to the company.  Do a Google search and you will find some remarkable stories and videos from people who have boycott big companies and been very vocal about it.

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As a small business person, this is just as important to you as it is to large companies.  People network, join business networking groups and talk about who is out there, what they are offering and who is the best person to engage for services and products.  A negative comment can do untold damage to one’s business that can get out of control very fast if not rectified very fast.

So, do you want to be one of those people that people rave about or someone who provides second rate services/products? 

Do you want to have people discussing you in a negative way in social media? 

It is important to be seen and perceived as providing the best service/product, be squeaky clean, to portray the image that people are seeking and to give the very best that is available to your clients.

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