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The POWER of Building Trust in Business with Masterminding

The POWER of Building Trust in Business with Masterminding

From my experience, I find that TRUST in business is lacking more than anything else. by many people. I know too that this is a result of the experiences they themselves have had during their life. Without trust in business, it can’t grow. The people involved in it can’t grow and the relationships with clients and customers can’t grow! According to ... Read More »

Networking Vs MasterMinding

Most people do not realise how Networking vs MasterMinding.  They are very different things!  Let me help you understand the differences. Business networking is a wonderful way to build your profile and add to your business leads and contacts list.  For most people, business networking is a ‘hit and miss’ experience. I find that many do not understand the necessary skills that are needed ... Read More »

3 Key Factors to Achieving Awesome Authenticity in Your Business

3 key factors to achieving awesome authenticity in your business

Let me give you my 3 keys factors to achieving authenticity in business – truth, being real and purpose. It is important to be seen by outsiders as having authenticity in business.  If we become who we truly are – awesome and authentic, it will show.  By bringing our personal and business worlds together so that they collide, we become Awesomely ... Read More »

Trust in Business

Trust in Business

Trust in business, especially in small business, is a vital ingredient for survival. Trust is at the heart of our everyday interactions, and central to the machine that fuels business. In business relationships, such as the relationship between a business owner and their clients OR an employer and their employees, trust breeds productivity. For employers, the more they trust their employees, ... Read More »

Understanding YOUR SELF and Others For Better Business MasterMinding

Understanding YOUR SELF and Others For Better Business MasterMinding

In a business mastermind group, only by understanding yourself and others through masterminding and its process will you see yourself and other participants clearly to give genuine support.  This is a major factor for us to know what makes us who we are and why we do life the way we do. If you learn to know how you ‘tick’ ... Read More »

Masterminding & The Importance of Confidentiality

The Importance of Confidentiality

Building trust takes time. In business, often longer. Understanding the importance of confidentiality is vital.   Many business owners struggle not having someone they can talk with in confidence. We need to be able to discuss the important things knowing that we are in a safe space. Pour confidants need to be people who are on a similar wavelength. They ... Read More »

Have you ever wondered WHO you need for your business growth?

Good question!  Have you ever wondered WHO you need for your business growth? This is a question that many forget to ask themselves.  The reason is, not everyone is able to understand or know WHO they need.  It is simple when you understand that we are all different in how we view the world.  We have different priorities when it ... Read More »

Are you working ON your business or IN it?

Are you working ON your business or IN it masterminding

If you are working IN it, you need to find a group of people who can support you work ON it, so you can grow and have more freedom. There are many different thinking styles of people. We all think dependent on how we view the world. This usually comes from our early learnings as we have our own individual ... Read More »

Mastermind & Independent Board of Directors

Print all In new window Mastermind & Independent Board of Directors: Tapping into multiple business skills

To be a successful in business today you need to have a large set of skills in all areas of business from technology, finances, marketing, sales, administration, creative thinking, networking etc. A small business owner does not have all that, as do the large companies, who can afford to create departments to bring in the necessary skill-sets . By considering ... Read More »

Why trust is important in small business

Trust is all about being honest and telling the truth, even if it is difficult at times.  Being truthful, authentic and trustworthy in your dealings with customers, clients and staff will move your business further ahead than most, as many are not even aware… Read More »