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Networking Vs MasterMinding

Most people do not realise how Networking vs MasterMinding.  They are very different things!  Let me help you understand the differences. Business networking is a wonderful way to build your profile and add to your business leads and contacts list.  For most people, business networking is a ‘hit and miss’ experience. I find that many do not understand the necessary skills that are needed ... Read More »



One of most important and special things about masterminding is gaining an independent board of directors, who will support you to achieve what you want and need. Do you find it difficult to be accountable to achieve what you set out to do?   If so, CALL me now +61 414-278-344  If you have never heard of or been part of ... Read More »

Accountability in Business

It is very important for you to have accountability in business. I have found that masterminding with a group of business people is the greatest support you can have as a business person.  It will open your mind and extend your thinking far above what you ever conceived on your own. There are many external factors that affect the well-being of your business ... Read More »

Get You Own Board Of Directors

You may be asking yourself, what does getting my own ‘board of directors’ mean … and if you are not aware of the mastermind concept, it may not mean anything to you. Business MasterMinding is all about being with a group of like-minded people who want to move their businesses forward to a higher level than they are already at now.  To do ... Read More »

How are you at Building Business Relationship?

Self Assessment The first thing to understand about building successful relationships using the word-of-mouth method is how you do it now, and how you would like to do it better in the future.  Are you successful now as a networker?  Would you like to become more effective in your word-of-mouth marketing? By doing a self-analysis you will discover for yourself ... Read More »

MasterMinding, what can it give me?

Masterminding as a business building tool is the most productive and cost effective thing you can do. By being part of a mastermind group you will have the opportunity to grow not only your business but yourself as well. Working with the collective-mind opens up a new frame of reference for participants. On joining a mastermind group we often have expectations on what ... Read More »

Is YOUR Business YOUR Passion?

Waking up in the morning, knowing that you have a long day ahead, are you energised knowing that you are doing something you love and just want to get to, or do you dread having to drag yourself to your desk? Passion for what you do will show through when you talk about your business.  More than likely, you chose to ... Read More »

The Main Ingredients to Building Strong Relationships in Business

Business is changing faster than ever.  Gone are the days when you wanted a service or product that you just went out and purchased the first available on offer. People are now more savvy shoppers and want more than the widget or service that is being offered.  More often now I find that price has nothing to do with someone not ... Read More »

Do You Know Your WHY?

Knowing your WHY is one of the hardest questions for most new business owners to answer. I find in my MasterMind Groups that most people who have been in business some time still can’t answer this question. I believe that if you do not understand the WHY of your business (and your life), what you want and what legacy you can leave behind, your why ... Read More »

Why MasterMinding is 10 Times more Powerful than Networking?

Business networking is a wonderful way to build your profile and add to your business leads and contacts list.  For most people in business, networking is a ‘hit and miss’ experience because they do not understand many of the necessary skills that are needed to help them grow their business. Related: “Networking VS MasterMinding” MasterMinding Groups on the other hand, which are structured and create accountability, give a ... Read More »