Networking Vs MasterMinding

Most people do not realise how Networking vs MasterMinding.  They are very different things!  Let me help you understand the differences.

Business networking is a wonderful way to build your profile and add to your business leads and contacts list.  For most people, business networking is a ‘hit and miss’ experience. I find that many do not understand the necessary skills that are needed to help them grow their business.

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MasterMind Groups on the other hand, which are structured and create accountability, give a participant the ability to grow their business far faster and more accurately than they will ever get through networking.  You will become more effective and efficient, be more productive and be more motivated than ever before.

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From my experience over the last ten years of running mastermind groups, I have found that they outrank networking to such an extent that there is no comparison.  There are many external factors that affect the well-being of a small business and the response to those networking will determine the outcome. Many of these networking events are beyond our control and can be adverse or positive, depending on how a business owner responds. By controlling the response and using masterminding instead you can only generate the outcome for the business in a positive and unique way.  The support to move to the next level is inevitable. Controlling your responses is much easier than controlling events. Individual accountability in business has a significant role in its rise and fall.

Over the last 15 years, technological growth has invaded both our personal and professional lives. We have choices with these advancements in space, technology, internet, television, smartphones and more. So, all small business owners need to become as aware and informed as possible. Social media gives everyone the opportunity to build contacts far easier than ever before.  It is important to understand which are the best platforms for you to use though, so you can achieve your wanted outcome.

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For a small business to survive in the market today it is necessary that they need to bank on their own skills and abilities by becoming aware of their own economic viability. Do not expect opportunities to just happen if you are not able to provide value to others. This is the first basic lesson that you must consider when it comes to accepting accountability in business. Being part of a mastermind group will move you and your accountability forward very fast, as long as the structure in the group is there to support all participants.

Be aware that your business will depend on your actions – whether negative or positive. If you are a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you will find being supported by others who can give ideas, advice and support by creating accountability will not only make you develop yourself but also your business.  You need to keep networking strategicially but by bringing a mastermind group into your strategy you can only have a win-win!

By being part of a business mastermind group and having the benefits of other people who will keep you accountable and move you forward is not only beneficial but a gift.

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