Masterminding – An On Purpose Journey

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The On Purpose Journey Masterminding group has been created to support the consciously aware to grow, learn, discuss, discover, share and develop to one’s greater awareness.

Dates: *TBA

Time: *TBA

Venue: Windorah Space, Stafford Brisbane Qld


What Should You Expect to receive and give in an On Purpose Mastermind Group?

What You Can Expect to Get” from a Mastermind Group

  • Learning and growth personally
  • Accountability from each member of the group
  • New teachings and ideas from consistent brainstorming with the group
  • Introductions to tips, tools, technology and shared information from each other
  • To be challenged by being immersed in a group of like-minded people all aiming to reach a new level of growth
  • Expect to expand your potential in your mastermind group
  • Mental, personal, business, vision, growth and discovery of what is truly possible for you
  • Support, compassion, respect and honesty from the privacy of your collective mind – the mastermind.

What you Can Expect to Give” to a Mastermind Group

  • Your time. When joining a mastermind group, to make it successful for everyone involved, an agreement and commitment of time has to be given. If your success is still at the optional level, you may not be ready for a mastermind group.
  • Participation. A mastermind group is not to be confused with a group consulting session or a class. The team is only as strong as the members, their advice, the synergy of their energies, their commitment and their collective desire for everyone involved to reach their individual goals.
  • Your commitment. One session you meet, you’re having a breakdown and need to feed off the energy and advice of your members. The next session, your energy is up and you’re the one doling out the words of encouragement and advice. Every session, every member is needed to attend. You never know what type of month any member is having and if you commit to being all in- you must be all in for all sessions.
  • Your investment. Typically, mastermind groups with the most committed and participatory members, have something on the line, with money being a big incentive to see the collective goals through.
  • Your resources. This is not the time to hold back. Remember, you are only as strong as the weakest member. Everyone must bring tools to the table for group growth.
  • Your connections. Again, you don’t want to hold back. I’ve seen some of the BEST deals made during mastermind groups, and those deals would not have happened if the team did not open themselves up and promote introductions to each other.
  • Respect and honesty. These are the most important things you must give your mastermind group. Everyone deserves respect-even if their idea isn’t good or you don’t agree with their point of view. It’s VERY important to give honest feedback – that’s the whole point of sharing your ideas, but you must know how to be sincere, be direct, yet kind and respectful.