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Sanjiv Gurram says:

When Jennie Gorman invited me to join her Business Mastermind Group, I was a little skeptical.

I wasn’t sure whether it would be the right thing for me or my business, but she spent the time with me to explain and answer all the questions I had before joining.

When I joined, I didn’t really know what we’d be doing or how we’d be doing it – but after only 6 weeks of masterminding, I have to say it’s already exceeded my expectations.

The way that Jennie puts together a group with different personality types to cover the whole spectrum has been invaluable to me by getting different perspectives and input on my business and the way I run it.

Also as I’m the business owner, it can sometimes be a lonely place. And having a group of like minded business owners who are all supporting each other to achieve our goals has truly been transformational.

And the best part is, it’s only 6 weeks in – and it’s almost paid for itself in new business that has come in.

I’ve been a part of other mastermind groups in the past and even currently, and honestly – they’re not even in the same league as Jennie’s groups.

If you’ve ever heard about masterminding, and are wondering if it can help you and your business – I’d highly suggest getting in touch with Jennie and having a chat to see if it’s the right thing for you and your business.

Sanjiv Gurram, Enliven Media Corp – Top Business Marketing Expert Reveals How To Skyrocket Business Profits by 30-60% in 60-90 days GUARANTEED!


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Martin Mills says:

I was invited to participate in a Business Mastermind Group being facilitated by Jennie. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first as masterminding was a foreign concept to me and my business. I am so glad that I took the step to be a part of it as it has really opened my mind and allowed me to accelerate my business. If your looking for practiced and proven ways to develop and accelerate your business then reach out to Jennie, Highly recommended.

Martin Mills, Director at Conceptual Creative Pty. Ltd.


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Kathleen Casagrande says:

Kathleen CasagrandeWhen I reached a stage in my coaching career where I felt like I was over-working, not being supported effectively by anybody, and worse, not really knowing what I was doing, I was invited to participate in a Business MasterMind group.

Yes, I was able to direct, coach, inspire, facilitate groups even counsel people, however, I was doing it all on my own.  As well, I was doing my own bookkeeping; invoicing; preparing events; facilitating groups and assessing students studying.  I was also invited to share my skills with others, who were skilled in different areas to my own, to reach another level of my business and theirs.

I started my consulting business on my own.  I created a website with the direction of one coach, but not being a ‘techo’ did not really know how to run or action it effectively. I knew I was not accurately keeping my accounts and was completely exhausted from doing too much.  I felt I was in overwhelm!

I started coaching with Jennie Gorman for a couple of sessions before being invited to participate in her Business MasterMind group.  She directed me to a bookkeeper to help me get my accounting updated and on-line.  On joining the group I was aware other members were different personality types to me.  This meant they were able to support me better in the areas of my own business that challenged me most.

At some level, my business has taken a different direction of growth which has enhanced my understanding delivery.  I am still continuing to grow and learn different ways of getting my message out to the world with the help of my mastermind supporters.

I have learned a better way of communicating with others, my family, clients and friends.  This was my major definite purpose.   I am confident in saying that the MasterMind team are still helping me incorporate my message to the world, and hopefully I am sharing my particular values back to them as well.  Being a member of this Elite Business MasterMind Group has been more valuable than I can put into words.

Kathleen Casagrande, KC Consulting Systems


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Jeff Doyle says:

Jeff DoyleIn 2015 my marriage of 20 years ended. Not only did I lose my family. I lost my business. The ex-wife and I owned 3 McDonalds restaurants which she kept as part of our financial settlement.

So at the age of 48, I had to start again. 2016 was a very tough year. In 2017 I started a bookkeeping business. I also was fortunate enough to meet Jennie Gorman. I did two programs with Jennie, her Personal Development program called ‘WAKE UP!’ and a Business Mastermind program.

The Personal Development program was great. It helped me put things in perspective. I have now put the past behind me and I am looking forward to building an exciting new life.

The Business Mastermind Group has been invaluable as well. I am a very experienced business owner but building a start-up business is tough. To be able to share ideas and have other business owners keep me accountable has fast-tracked the growth of my business.

I highly recommend both of Jennie’s programs. and I cannot speak highly enough of Jennie. Just a wonderful person. Thanks, Jennie.

Jeff Doyle, Organisational First Class Accountants


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Rob Woodroffe says:

Rob Woodroffe

I have known Jennie for over 30 years where she has been a supporter, coach mentor or consultant to  Small Business operators, Entrepreneurs, or Sole Traders, whether in Start-up or “Review” mode.  I have been in a Mastermind Group with her too so have experienced her process.

Jennie Gorman has 5 key skills and qualities that mark her as probably the Number 1 Coach/Mentor/Small Business Consultant that I know in South East Queensland:

  1. Relationship building – Jennie takes time to get to know you (as she does with everyone she meets) which means that you are given personal individual and customised attention;
  1. Trust – Jennie tells it as she sees it – in a constructive manner based upon many years working as an entrepreneur and sole trader in small business. Jennie has such great credentials and is universally acknowledged that her word is Trust and she lives, breathes, works, and relates by her word;
  1. Systems – Jennie has a systems and process based approach to small business. Her methods, resources and tools are based on proven and repeatable actions and accountabilities which have been fine-tuned by many years of practical use, research, 1,000’s of satisfied clients and a willingness (ability and insight) to ensure those systems are reviewed to remain contemporary;
  1. Confidentiality – Jennie has confidentiality stamped on her passport. She exists to build and maintain relationships with her network of contacts and does not share or claim what is not rightfully hers;
  1. Authentic – of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. genuine, original, real, actual, pukka, bona fide, true, veritable Jennie practices Authenticity and has written a book “Awesome Authenticity” – in a world of networkers out primarily for themselves Jennie is a gem who has identified one key to success “build relationships upon giving and supporting and not only taking or selling”.

Rob Woodroffe, Organisational Transformation Consultant


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Michael Donoghue says:

MICHAEL-DONOGHUE“I joined Mastermind group to be with like-minded people which has allowed me to tap into the power and wisdom of the people in the group. It has since assisted me in obtaining both my personal and professional goals. This is a big difference to building and shaping a business by myself.  I suppose in some ways, it is harnessing the power of we instead of me.

The mastermind group, lead by our mentor and facilitator Jennie Gorman, has given me access to a unique brains trust to help generate support and understanding, and ultimately solutions. Jennie Gorman is a real professional and certainly knows how to leverage upon: each person’s skills, experience, ideas and abilities of others.  Jennie definitely helps create a synergy within the group,and a compilation of thoughts which would otherwise, possibly never be generated.

Another important ingredient of the Mastermind Group calls for being accountable. There can be no excuses not to get things done, as you are not only accountable to yourself, but to other group members as well. In the group, as in life, you must learn to give and sharing allows you to process things better and in return as a group, we really care about each other and get to know each other on a different level. The more you give out, the more you get back in return.  Thank you Jennie for a masterminding.”

Michael Donoghue


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Adam Cottrell says:

Adam Cottrell picStarting a new business requires direction, unbiased and honest opinions giving you the momentum to move forward to new heights of confidence and reasoning both within yourself and your business. Positive momentum comes when one understands who they are and what it is that makes you react and respond in a particular way, in turn, influencing how others respond to you. Business Mastermind Groups, facilitated and mentored by Jennie Gorman, Connexions Unlimited, with over 30 years of business experience, enables one to understand all of this and more in a very trusted and positive environment.

You will learn for your business:

  • Accountability
  • Setting Goals
  • How to meet your goals
  • What makes other people tick?
  • What makes you tick?

Adam Cottrell 


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Rebecca Lawrence says:

rebecca-lawrence1“Jennie is the ultimate mentor: nurturing and wise yet tough enough to demand the accountability that so many small business owners need to drive us on to the success we desire. Working with Jennie is a pleasure and has been the start of a relationship that I know will be invaluable to my business for the long term.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Rebecca Lawrence


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Nanette Clifton says:  

Nanette-Clifton I’m Nanette Clifton and I’m very proud to say I’m one of Jennie Gorman’s MasterMinders. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I came into it but it is very comprehensive. Jennie is the most amazing presenter and a great guide to what you want to do.

My business is called Muse en Rouge. I’m an artist and a painter, a poet and author, also I teach my art. Jennie has focused me and put everything that I need to know from my business into perspective. At least, I rephrase that, Jennie shaped me to do it myself and, working with my buddies, the other people in the mastermind group, has been a huge help to me. So I would recommend anyone whatsoever to do one of Jennie’s Mastermind Groups. I has changed my life totally.

Nanette Clifton: 


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Tam Ho says:   

Tam-HoMy name is Tam Ho and my business is 7DC Interactive. I’ve been running my business now for nearly 10 years and I must say in that period of time I’ve learned that you need a great mentor or if you can afford it, a really good coach. But unfortunately, a lot of start-up businesses don’t have the cash or know somebody who can actually mentor them. So it’s fortunate for me that I came across MasterMinding run by Jennie Gorman.

I’ve been doing this for almost 6 months now and it’s really helped my business to move forward. We basically meet up once every fortnight to do the actual formal session together. We sit and listen to each other’s problems and basically give our input whilst all the time we form great friendships.  We really know each other, and become quite open and honest about what each of our businesses should be doing. So, what’s really great, is we form some great friendships and relationships with people that we can really trust, knowing that their advice is really from the heart and they want to help your business move forward.

So, if anybody who feels that they need some people, who can help them with accountability or other business like-minded people to also work with, MasterMind is a great place to be. So if you’d like your business to move forward, I suggest you contact Jennie Gorman and join her MasterMind Groups.

Tam Ho:


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Angela De Palma says:

Angela-De-PalmaMy name is Angela De Palma from GTO Accounting and I am in Jennie Gorman’s Mastermind Group.  When I first started in the group I was actually focusing on a different business, still in outsourcing, called Go To Outsource. The benefits I have received by being in the group have actually evolved my business, with assistance.  I have created a new business and a new niche market with a global vision for the business. Without this group support I probably wouldn’t have achieve the results that I’m achieving now as quickly.

The other great amazing thing about it is that it is quite different to networking.  In the sense networking is all about presenting your best face when you are out there prospecting for clients but Masterminding is all about letting the mask and the façade down so people really see who I am, the struggles I go through as an entrepreneur so they can help me holistically, not just from a business point of view but also from a personal point of view.

Relationships have been developed though these incredible support friendships.  It’s been a really amazing experience so I highly recommend it. I would hate to be in business without being in a mastermind group. 

Angela de Palma:


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David Gifford says: 

David-GiffordDavid Gifford is my name and I have 2 businesses. One is helping people in solvency situations. Helping them through the process of bankruptcy and liquidation decision making, and the other thing we do, which is complimentary to that, is the raising private finance for people who wont, don’t want to or can’t do business with the banks.

What I’ve found through my involvement with Masterminding is that it’s helping both these businesses in the sense that it provides me with a defacto board. We’ve got an in-club atmosphere of hard trust with the other participants in the group and it’s contributed significantly in the way I’ve done my business over the last 12 months or so. So, yeah, I really enjoyed it.

David Gifford


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Janis Hanley says:

Janis-Hanley-pic-150x150I came to a Mastermind group knowing very little about what it was.   I was very interested in giving my business a boost, particularly in these difficult times.  And Masterminding certainly brings a structure and accountability for moving forward with a business, but what Jennie brings is unique.  Over the six month course of Mastermind, my biggest learning  has been around having confidence in my intuitive abilities to give me direction about where to take my business.  If perseverance is the vehicle that gets us there, then confidence is the fuel, and intuition our GPS.  It is from these things that business plans, products and strategies can arise from and be actualised.  The Internet makes the tools of developing a business readily available, but Jennie, through masterminding, guides each person in the group on a journey of self-trust.

Joining one of Jennie Gorman’s Mastermind groups is like boarding a spaceship.  You need to be willing to explore other worlds, and be close up to the others in the ship.  Life support systems are critical, and Jennie puts masterminders in touch with other professionals who can provide the skills and learnings in what today’s business person needs to stay alive.  With these support systems in place, you quickly learn that knowledge takes a back seat to knowing.  Intuition is all you can really rely on in journeying though strange lands.   Jennie wisely and calmly navigates the group through.  It’s never plain sailing for any business – there will always be the asteroid belts, the worm holes and times when you must courageously step out of the ship.  But it’s ok if there is an inner strength that knows that all will be ok.  That’s what Jennie’s Mastermind groups build on – and it has been of such great value to my own business and life journey.  I can’t really describe how Jennie does it, but, she has a winning formula.  The best way to find out it is just to climb on board.

Janis Hanley 


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Scott Collins says:  

Scott-Collins-picI really want to thank Jennie Gorman for her Mastermind Groups. It has been one of the most awesome experiences I had for turning my business dreams into reality. For the first time in a long time I have structure, completion and organization of my company. So I actually feel like I have a deliverable product, it’s actually going to be marketable and ready for sale.

It is been an honour to work with you Jennie, thank you very much. I high recommend this for any business person who really wants to succeed and see their business coming to full fruition. Thanks Jennie, love you a lot.

Scott Collins: 


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Natasha Howie says:  

Natasha-Howie-pic1-150x150Hi Jennie, just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to be part of your Business Mastermind Group. The referrals from the group so far have more than covered the cost of joining the group (which is extremely cost effective anyway!). My business acumen has gone to a whole new level and my mind has been opened up to many new possibilities and insightful viewpoints. Not to mention the multi-million dollar idea that came from my masterminding session yesterday, and the fabulous colleagues in my group whom I have grown to respect and appreciate deeply.

Masterminding has such power and magic in it, and Jennie Gorman you do such an excellent job at facilitating and hand selecting the right group dynamic. I would recommend your business mastermind group as a MUST for all business owners who want to rapidly grow and expand their business. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Natasha Howie


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Helen Bichel says:

Helen-Bichel-pic1-150x150“I attended Jennie’s very first mastermind group several years ago and it provided enormous value to me personally and professionally. Having a willing board of directors who are outside your business assist with leadership & management issues and brainstorming challenges is priceless.  It is incredible financial value too – imagine paying 8 consultants for 7 hours monthly for 6 months! So if you’re serious about expanding your mind and your business I highly recommend joining Jennies Mastermind Group.”


Helen Bichel, WD Coach