How to set Your Goals and make them a Reality

HOW to set your goals and make them a reality

Setting a goal and then making it a reality are two different things.  It is easy to set the goals, as most people who have ever made a new year’s resolutions will know.  Making them happen is another thing.

Goal setting is all about firstly setting goals that are attainable, realistic, achievable and measureable.  I find that if you have a mastermind group supporting you, then you are more than likely to achieve your goals as the group will keep you motivated and supported so that you can achieve that you set out to do.  Accountability is the main aim of the group.

mastermind group will help you be accountable for your goal setting and this is where the correct group for you will be life and business changing.  Being able to share your goals and dreams with others, will keep you on track to achievement.  No one likes to appear a failure, so a group will encourage and support you to achieving if you let them.

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By knowing your life and business Vision and Mission will help you to and vocalise it to your mastermind group.  This is the first important step to take.  Then document this so you can keep yourself on track.

I then suggest an Action Plan that is broken up into 3 month cycles.  All the steps that any goal will have need to be broken into bite sizable chunks.  It can be quite overwhelming to visualise a goal in its entirety, but broken down into easy steps helps make it a reality and more easily accomplishable.

Then you need to set the goals that you want to achieve to reach both the vision and mission.  Your vision is the picture you see in your head that you want to create in your world with the mission being the work you need to do to create that vision.

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The goals you need to achieve must be set in their individual areas … next 6 months, 12 months, 3 years and 5 years.  As the world is changing so fast, ten year goals are a long way out, but it is good to have them in place too.

It is important that you have a start and finish date for each part of your goal.  This way you become obliged to achieve what you set out to do.

Brainstorming and discussion around each goal will be effective in helping you gain the information, resources, suppliers and maybe the money you need.  It is easier and quicker to do this with a group than wasting time trying things out that may in the long term take you much longer to achieve.  Use your mastermind group to short circuit and create what you want quicker.

It is important at each mastermind group session that you review your action plan so that you all keep on track.  Your achievements are important to your group and if each participant is achieving, it means that your group is flowing and a success.

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