How Business Networking compares to MasterMind Groups

Firstly, I need to ask you if you understand the difference? I note that many don’t. I see many new networking and mastermind groups created without the necessary ingredients for success.

Business networking is still all the rage and a wonderful way to build your profile, if you know how. It will also help to add to your business referral and contact lists. For many, business networking is a ‘hit and miss’ experience. They do not understand the necessary skills needed to help them grow their business, especially is they do not know their target or niche markets.

MasterMind Groups, (from my perspective), are best face-to-face, structured, build on trust and create accountability. This gives the ability to grow a business far faster through strategy. A good group will be effective and efficient. It will have a definite structure, be more productive and motivating.

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After ten years of running mastermind groups, I have found they outrank networking. There are many external factors that affect the well-being of a small business. One is a lack of outside interdependent conversation especially for solo entrepreneurs.

Masterminding is a far easier way to generate a more positive and unique business outcome. The support to move to the next level is inevitable. Individual accountability in these groups has a significant role in its rise and fall.

Over the last 15+ years technology has invaded our personal and professional lives. We have a choice on how we use these advancements. As a small business owner you need to become as aware and informed as possible if you want to grow you and your business.

Social media gives an opportunity to build contacts far easier than ever before. It is important to understand the different platforms and how best to use them for your business use.

Social media can be an absolute gift to business no matter the size or age. This is the door opener for new clients and friendships. Used wisely, it will become your best friend. Take the contacts you want off line for relationship development eg. face to face or through other means of contact.

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For a small business to survive today one needs to understand their own skills and abilities. Be aware of your own economic viability and find the services of others who can compliment you. Do not expect opportunities to happen unless you can provide value to others.

Being in a mastermind group will quickly move your business forward if you follow the process. This will be a result of the accountability factor, and the support from participants.

Be aware that your business will depend on you and your actions – whether negative or positive.  As a small business owner, support from others will open you and your peripheral vision, helping you to see the world from another perspective.

You will give and get ideas, advice and support which in turn develop you and your business. It is important to keep strategically networking too. By having a mastermind group in your strategy you can only have a win-win!

In business masterminding the benefit of being kept accountable by people you trust is the key. This is not only beneficial but a gift.

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