How are you at Building Business Relationship?

Self Assessment

SelfAssessmentRelationshipBuildingThe first thing to understand about building successful relationships using the word-of-mouth method is how you do it now, and how you would like to do it better in the future.  Are you successful now as a networker?  Would you like to become more effective in your word-of-mouth marketing?

By doing a self-analysis you will discover for yourself how effective you are at this present time and how you can become more successful in the future.  This is a guide for you to follow and will show you your effectiveness in the marketplace.

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   Have you written clear and well-defined goals for your present networking activities?

Yes                    No

2    Do you have a scheduled plan of action for your networking?

Yes                    No

3    At social or business functions, do you go with the commitment to leave with the names of at least 1 or 2 new people who YOU may be able to support to meet THEIR personal and professional goals?

Always                   Sometimes                   Never

4    At social or business functions, do you go with the commitment to leave with the names of at least 1 or 2 new people who may be able to support YOU meet YOUR personal and professional goals?

Always                   Sometimes                   Never  

5    Do you make a point of following up quickly and appropriately with those people with whom you have ‘connected’?

Always                   Sometimes                   Never

6    Do you keep an organised and accessible file of information on people you have met including interests, occupations, hobbies, your conversation, birthday etc? Important if your memory isn’t good.

Yes                   No  

7    Do you make it a point to schedule a specific time every week to ‘re-connect’ with people you’ve met but haven’t spoken with for a while?

Yes                     Sometimes                     No

8    Do you check the internet, emails, newspapers and/or magazines weekly to seek out interesting activities and opportunities that might help you meet your personal and career goals?

Always                   Sometimes                   Never

9    Have you set aside ‘specific’ before/after work and/or lunch times each week to confer with people who can help you and your career goals?

Always                   Sometimes                   Never

10  Have you met with a new networking acquaintance in the past fortnight?

Yes                    No

11  Are you connected to Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing organizations known as SMM?

Yes                    No

12  Do you have a business card that is easy to read, has your photo on it and gives all your contact information?

Yes                      Nearly All             No  

Add up your score by giving yourself a

10 for YES / ALWAYS;


0 for NO / NEVER.

If you answer YES to more than half the things above, you are starting to network well.  Work at doing MOST of the above and you will become the NetWeaver!

NOTE:  Your score is to give you an idea of some of the things that are necessary to maximize your networking only, not to make you feel inadequate!

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