Have you ever wondered WHO you need for your business growth?

Have you ever wondered WHO you need for your business growth

Good question!  Have you ever wondered WHO you need for your business growth?

This is a question that many forget to ask themselves.  The reason is, not everyone is able to understand or know WHO they need.  It is simple when you understand that we are all different in how we view the world.  We have different priorities when it comes to the questions we ask.

Let’s take a look and see how a Business Mastermind Group, with an independent Board of Directors, can help you grow. Do you need help to overcome the challenge business brings with it?

The questions in YOUR order of ‘thinking’ will be dependent on your ‘thinking profile’.

Firstly, do you know your WHY you are in business?

Once this is clarified, it is important to consider the What, Who, When, Where and How.  If you do not work in the right order, accomplishing your desired outcomes will not be as successful as you desire.

Let’s now ask some questions for you to consider:

Do you have clarity on your Vision and Mission? If not, do you need help with this?

Are you creating a legacy or want to have an exit plan so you can sell your business?  Your independent board of directors can help you with these.

Do you have a clear and focused goal on where you want to take your business long term?  Your independent board of directors can help you with that too.

Do you have someone who is independent from your business to talk to when you have a challenge? Or are you working on your own, unaware of the real problem, from your clients perspective?  Your independent board of directors can help you with that as well.

Are you struggling with knowing who you need to put around you? This often is from a skillset perspective. A group will be people who have the experience and expertise you don’t have?  Your independent board of directors are there for you to grow.

Many business owners get caught up in their everyday work in their office, doing what they like best. They often find it hard to do those things that need to get done that are hard and out of their own skillset.  This is because you are doing things that are not YOUR skillset.  Your independent board of directors can support you with that.

Are you working IN your business and not ON your business?  This is what most small business owners are doing.  Support is there for you if you need it with your independent board of directors can help you.

Here are my 10 Tips for Start Up Business.  It is good to start with a solid foundation that you build on as you go.  Many new business owners want the ‘prize’ before that have the foundations in place.  This takes time and no-one can do it on their own.  So ask yourself, who do you need to help you to grow?

A mastermind group will create the invisible minds that happen when people come together to brainstorm or discuss potential subjects.

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