Do You Know Your WHY?

Man-and-Question-Marks-200x200Knowing your WHY is one of the hardest questions for most new business owners to answer. I find in my MasterMind Groups that most people who have been in business some time still can’t answer this question. I believe that if you do not understand the WHY of your business (and your life), what you want and what legacy you can leave behind, your why is not big enough to sustain you and your business in the long run.

Being in business today is hard for solo and small business entrepreneurs and most often they have to do nearly everything themselves. Usually it is one person working hard to do the roles of up to 8 people. We all have our own innate gifts. These are the things we do without thinking and wonder at times why we get paid to the do them as they are so easy for us. It is the other things we have to do that aren’t easy and we struggle with, that have to be done, that take us out of our flow.

For me, one of the most difficult parts of my business to contend with is the accounting side which is the most important part if I want to get paid! I now understand that this is not my innate gift so I need a good book keeper and an accountant to look after these things for me, explaining what I need to know and understand if my business is to be successful.

This is why outsourcing in business can change your world, allowing you the time to work on and with your innate gifts that you have to present to the world.

 So, getting back to your WHY! If your why makes you cry, you know you are doing what you need to be doing. When I talk about my WHY, I can’t help but cry, because for me it is my overwhelming passion and reason for being alive. I want to share this with others to give them the opportunities to achieve what they want to achieve, especially when it isn’t in their flow. We are all born with something special and often it is our hobby initially … until one day we realise that we have a special something that we can share with others. Whatever that is, and if it is all consuming, you will most likely find that this is the WHY that you have been blessed to have and to share.

Only you can know your WHY. This is something that you need to sit with, think and write about, being aware of where your consciousness is and what you feel.

What is your cause and belief? What inspires you to be who you are? Does it brings tears to your eyes? What brings up an overwhelming feeling in your heart that almost chokes you at times?

Understand that, and you will know your WHY!

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