Connexions Business E-Magazine- June/ July 2014 Issue

Inside the June – July  2014 Issue

06 Decluttering and its Advantages  09 Staying Positive When Things Get You Down  10 Thoughts on Traction  12 Did you make this mistake when investing  15 Eliminate the Hassles of Life  16 An interesting happening in China  19 Is your networking building your business?  20 Five skills necessary to run  Start-Ups and Small Business  23 Welcoming Opportunities  24 Boosting your way to Business Success  Business Success Demands a Plan  27 Profitability and the Business Model  28 International Travel  What hurdles do I need to jump through?  30 Are you being the leader of your life?  32 Copyright and Facebook  34 Catch the new wind  36 Why is your Personal Image.. such an Important Business Tool?  38 Our Business Hub  40 Upcoming Events