Connexions Business E-Magazine- August/ September 2014 Issue

Inside the August – September 2014 Issue

Relationship Marketing can take YOUR Business to the next level   Where to from here?   USP..What is it? Boosting Your way to Business Success   Protect Your Lifestyle while You Make Your Money   Securing and Protecting Yourself and Your Assets    Social Media…Do You have a Strategy?   Success What it is and Isn’t    A Trip to the End of the World Hainan Island    8 Keys to 6 STAR SERVICE    5 Tips for Great  Bookkeeping    Positive Vs. Negatively Geared Properties    Learn How to play the Marketing Game    Discover Your Strengths  and Orient Your Business Around Them    Adult Child Maintenance – Section 66L   What STOPS you from transforming your Ideas to reality?    Upcoming Events