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Living your purpose

By understanding our purpose and knowing our values whilst being in integrity with them, we find that we will know what we stand for and believe in, which in turn gives us confidence and self-worth. This is the start to living on purpose. Read More »

This too shall pass

Life is all about change, It is the art of knowing and learning how to adapt and allow things to happen in their correct timing. Next time you feel that things are not the way you want them to be, remind yourself, ‘This Too Shall Pass’. Read More »

A journey of self-reflection

Ponder them and reflect where you have been and where you want to go. Where are you now? Where have you been? Where do you want to be in the future? Read More »

The grieving process

We all grieve differently and there is no right or wrong.  Some are outwardly emotional and cry a lot and others go internal to process their own quiet way.  The important thing is to let someone experience their grief the way they need to … Read More »

Netweavers are here to serve

As a NetWeaver I believe the more we give to others the stronger our relationships and our businesses become – thus a win-win situation for everyone.  Some call it ‘givers gain’, which is another nice way to say it. Read More »

Where is your focus?

We live in a time when self-focus seems to be the ‘age of now’ and are creating self-absorbed people everywhere.  We can’t really grow, learn and experience if we are self-absorbed. Read More »

Gratitude, what is it really?

When you have that great feeling of thankfulness or appreciate something that someone has done for you, the feeling you have at that time is ‘gratitude’. Gratitude is the real appreciation for all the good things that happen to us as a person in our life, day by day. Read More »

Rediscovering Purpose

You are only on-purpose if you are really doing your WHY of life. What is your WHY? What are you here on this earth plan to do? What ripple effect do you want to make so that whatever you do will change the life of others too? Read More »

From little things, big things grow!

The gift of a successful business owner is being able to go to bed at night and sleep well. If you toss and turn and become sleep deprived, you will make mistakes and not make good decisions for your future. So, I say, grow yourself and then grow your business. Read More »

What a small business owner must be

What success means to one person is different to what it means to another! WHY have you created the business you have? Is your ‘why’ strong enough for you to make it happen? Are you prepared to do whatever to create the success you want as a person? Read More »