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Are you working ON your business or IN it?

Are you working ON your business or IN it masterminding

If you are working IN it, you need to find a group of people who can support you work ON it, so you can grow and have more freedom. There are many different thinking styles of people. We all think dependent on how we view the world. This usually comes from our early learnings as we have our own individual ... Read More »

Mastermind & Independent Board of Directors

Print all In new window Mastermind & Independent Board of Directors: Tapping into multiple business skills

To be a successful in business today you need to have a large set of skills in all areas of business from technology, finances, marketing, sales, administration, creative thinking, networking etc. A small business owner does not have all that, as do the large companies, who can afford to create departments to bring in the necessary skill-sets . By considering ... Read More »

What is LOVE really is?

There are seven different types of love, all having their own place.  I can say ‘I love you’ to one person and have a very different meaning to saying the same three words to someone else. Check it out by reading this article! Read More »

Rejection and WHY it hurts so much!

We need to understand that the pain felt emotionally also hurts the body in a physical form, in the head, chest, gut or elsewhere, thus the development of anger, anxiety, depression etc. Yes, the body is hurt too! Read More »

Your Perspective, My Perspective and Paradigm Shifts

We often assume that our way of viewing experiences and life is the same way others view it! Well, let me tell you that is not true. What is right for one, is not necessarily right for another! Read More »

The path of business and life is not a straight line

I find that the business owner who is self-aware, and understands how they themselves think and operate, have a better business and life flow.  By understanding our own mindset we can change and view the world from a different perspective. Read More »

Is Self-Reflection Good for YOU?

I feel that our gifts and talents are our opportunity to do or create something significant and thus leave a legacy for those behind us to follow or learn from as a result. We are all blessed with an ability to be someone special in the eyes of others. Read More »

Creative Expression

By having the opportunity to think creatively, using that creativity to express ideas with imagination in whatever endeavor and artistic practice is pursued, is an opportunity to express my inner soul but using my own ideas for self-expressive shaping. Read More »

Why do birds of a feather flock together?

I wonder if you have ever considered for yourself how you fit into this.  Do you find that going outside your comfort zone easy or difficult?  I realise that those who are introverted find it more difficult as they do not seem to have the need to socialise as they can create their own energy from within … Read More »