Are you working ON your business or IN it?

Are you working ON your business or IN it masterminding

If you are working IN it, you need to find a group of people who can support you work ON it, so you can grow and have more freedom.

There are many different thinking styles of people. We all think dependent on how we view the world. This usually comes from our early learnings as we have our own individual personality. We can change this through the understanding of ourselves.

The Jennie Gorman Brisbane Business MasterMind Groups are always created using different ‘thinking profiles’.

By creating mastermind groups using this knowledge the power in growing a business through different brain thinking perspectives is powerful. We are all different. By working with this formula you will be able to grow your client base with a 100% peripheral vision rather than the 30% you use now!

Understanding and knowing what you want is easy. When you become a member of a group who complement and support you, you are given an opportunity to see your business from another perspective. This is a gift.

Being in a Business Mastermind Group, gives you a solid, objective and independent ‘Board of Directors’. These are people who open you up via an opportunity to learn and grow from another mindset. These relationships develop a deep trust, which is important for the process to be totally successful.

The aim of these groups is to challenge and understand you and your business. It will create accountability and act as a catalyst for your business growth. It will support you to reach your goals.

This Brisbane Business Mastermind Group has an energy all its own. Commitment is mandatory for success, for you and your fellow partners. This is crucial for this process to work. All groups are made up of peers, from experience, knowledge and skill sets. The group provides feedback, brainstorm new possibilities, and accountability. This helps everyone to stay focused and on track.

Your Board of Directors will challenge you to see your business as your clients do. They will show you another way of looking at your challenges with total honesty.

The groups support, along with playing devil’s advocate as necessary, can move your business forward faster than imagined. You not only improve your business and personal life but gain tremendous insights. These can be life changing in any business.

Masterminding as a concept was first created by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s. His vision on business was loud and clear. His works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. He became an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933-36.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” is one of Napoleon Hill’s hallmark expressions. How achievement actually occurs, and a formula for it that puts success in reach of the average person, were the focal points of Hill’s books, thus MasterMind Groups.

Wikapedia says:
A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.

To find out if you are suitable for a group to take a look at this and see for yourself.

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