Accountability in Business

Accountability in Business

It is very important for you to have accountability in business. I have found that masterminding with a group of business people is the greatest support you can have as a business person.  It will open your mind and extend your thinking far above what you ever conceived on your own.

There are many external factors that affect the well-being of your business and your response to those events will determine its outcome. Many of these events are beyond our control and can be adverse or positive. What you can do is control your response to these events and generate the outcome for your business in a positive and unique way. Controlling your responses is much easier than controlling events. Individual accountability in business has a significant role in its rise and fall.

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In the modern times there are many technological boons that have invaded our personal and professional lives. We are lucky as we now have so many choices with the advancements in space, technology, internet, television and more. The world has become a smaller place thanks to the above technological developments. With them you are more aware and informed. There is also a negative aspect and that is many people believe that they are entitled to receive many benefits without the need for working for them. These benefits are relative and they differ from one person to another. It is this sense of entitlement that often proves to become a major hindrance in the development and progress in your business.

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The first thing that you need to do is get rid of the sense of entitlement. In order for you to survive in the market you must bank on your own skills and abilities. You must be aware of your economic viability. You should not expect opportunities to come your way if you are not able to provide value to others. This is the first basic lesson that you must consider when it comes to accept accountability in business.

When you are running a business you should never hold people accountable for a specific outcome. This is wrong and is considered to be a misguided notion that many entrepreneurs tend to fall prey to. At times this can be an attempt to control others in the business and make them do what you want them to do. In order to make your business successful you must never hold other people accountable. They are already being accountable for the duties assigned to them. It is not right to blame them for the outcome of a business. The consequences of your business will depend on your actions – negative or positive.

You cannot be guarded for your actions. It is true that there are others who may act for you or cover accountability however sooner or later they are the ones that will catch up with you and overtake you. Controlling them will not help and the best thing that you should do is work in partnership with them. Giving them support in the outcomes they seek will help you get the support you need for your business to develop and expand. You are giving value to one another and in the process the business benefits. The risks are less and the rewards are more!

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