3 Key Factors to Achieving Awesome Authenticity in Your Business

Let me give you my 3 keys factors to achieving authenticity in business – truth, being real and purpose.

It is important to be seen by outsiders as having authenticity in business.  If we become who we truly are – awesome and authentic, it will show.  By bringing our personal and business worlds together so that they collide, we become Awesomely Authentic.

Become Who You Want, Not Who You Think You Should Be

How do you become who you WANT to become, not who you think you NEED to become? It’s the very essence of becoming your true self and attaining awesome authenticity. Authenticity in business will show through, if you:

  1. Understand Your Own Truth – Being authentic means knowing who you are from the heart. Every word, thought, feeling and action you project towards another becomes your truth. As we gain the understanding of our own truth and develop the conscious awareness of who we really are, our life becomes one of peace, joy, love, freedom, gratitude, and abundance. It’s a much easier and much nicer way to live.
  2. Understand Who the Real You Is – Explore your hidden fears, doubts and worries and allow the real you to be seen. Your higher self needs to develop from every single fibre to have the opportunity to appear. By suppressing the real you, you are limiting yourself from advancing further in not only your business but your personal life, too.

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Ask yourself what your unique passion, values, visions, talents, and abilities are and don’t be afraid to explore deep. If you’re not sure, ask someone you know to get started. Ask them what they see your talents are. You will instantly know within yourself if they are right or not.

If you are told your talent is in teaching, and you agree, ask yourself some more probing questions to help gain clarity. Does teaching align with your vision of where you want to be in business? Are you passionate about teaching? Does it fit within your value system? Do you have credibility as a teacher? Does it fit your PURPOSE?

  1.  Understand Your Real Purpose – To build awesome authenticity, you need to know why you are here on this earth. What do you believe your sole purpose is to do in life? If you can’t answer this instantly, you need to explore and find out your purpose. If you struggle to do this on your own, find a mentor or coach who can help you unpack your true purpose.

I have had many discussions with clients over the years, helping them discover their true purpose. And once they discover what their purpose for being here is, they are able to surge forward on the path they are meant to take.

Countless times I have asked the question, “What do you want people to say about you when you die and your name is mentioned?”

What and how would you like to be remembered ?

Are you making the most of your life’s purpose and living it as you are meant to?

Take a minute to think about this and be authentic when you answer. Once you can answer yourself truthfully and from deep within you, you are on the way to becoming authentic, and achieving awesome authenticity in every aspect of your life.

I do hope that these 3 keys factors to achieving awesome authenticity in business help you to become liked, known and trusted.

Set The Real You Free – Finally!

By knowing your own true self, understanding who you really are and who you really want to be, and finally discovering your true purpose for life, you will finally set yourself free!

By living my truth, day in and day out, I wake up and find it easy to be truly grateful for what I have. I love showing my gratitude on Facebook and invite you to do the same on your page.

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Although I am grateful for many, many things in my life, as I write and reflect on this, I find I am truly grateful for the opportunity to develop my Awesome Authenticity book to help others become the best they can possibly be in their business.

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