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Business MasterMind Groups  special formula was created by Jennie Gorman and is a part of Connexions Unlimited.


If you are a START UP, looking for ACCOUNTABILITY or an ELITE STRATEGY GROUP this is your place to be!

BUSINESS START UPS or EXECUTIVES looking to connect with other successful business people can create their own individual ‘board of directors’ to support them to move  their business to the next level.   The difference between these groups is turnover and experience in business.

You may be a small business or sole trader and entrepreneur looking to belong to a group where you can have individual and independent support for their business from a group of people who will compliment you and your business moving forward by opening your peripheral vision.  The individual board of directors are people who have no invested interest in your business other than helping you grow to where you want to grow.


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Would you like to be a member of a group and have a group of business people who can act as your objective ‘board of directors’ who will support you, challenge you, be understanding and act as a catalyst for growth of your business?

Create the invisible minds that automatically happen when you bring a group of people together to brainstorm or discuss pertinent subjects.

Rob Woodroffe says:

Rob Woodroffe

I have known Jennie for over 30 years where she has been a supporter, coach mentor or consultant to  Small Business operators, Entrepreneurs, or Sole Traders, whether in Start-up or “Review” mode.  I have been in a Mastermind Group with her too so have experienced her process.

Jennie Gorman has 5 key skills and qualities that mark her as probably the Number 1 Coach/Mentor/Small Business Consultant that I know in South East Queensland:

  1. Relationship building – Jennie takes time to get to know you (as she does with everyone she meets) which means that you are given personal individual and customised attention;
  1. Trust – Jennie tells it as she sees it – in a constructive manner based upon many years working as an entrepreneur and sole trader in small business. Jennie has such great credentials and is universally acknowledged that her word is Trust and she lives, breathes, works, and relates by her word;
  1. Systems – Jennie has a systems and process based approach to small business. Her methods, resources and tools are based on proven and repeatable actions and accountabilities which have been fine-tuned by many years of practical use, research, 1,000’s of satisfied clients and a willingness (ability and insight) to ensure those systems are reviewed to remain contemporary;
  1. Confidentiality – Jennie has confidentiality stamped on her passport. She exists to build and maintain relationships with her network of contacts and does not share or claim what is not rightfully hers;
  1. Authentic – of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. original, real, actual, pukka, bonafide, true, veritable Jennie practices Authenticity and has written a book “Awesome Authenticity” – in a world of networkers out primarily for themselves Jennie is a gem who has identified one key to success “build relationships upon giving and supporting and not only taking or selling”.

Rob Woodroffe, Organisational Transformation Consultant

Michael Donoghue says:

MICHAEL-DONOGHUE“I joined Mastermind group to be with like-minded people which has allowed me to tap into the power and wisdom of the people in the group. It has since assisted me in obtaining both my personal and professional goals. This is a big difference to building and shaping a business by myself.  I suppose in some ways, it is harnessing the power of we instead of me.

The mastermind group, lead by our mentor and facilitator Jennie Gorman, has given me access to a unique brains trust to help generate support and understanding, and ultimately solutions. Jennie Gorman is a real professional and certainly knows how to leverage upon: each person’s skills, experience, ideas and abilities of others.  Jennie definitely helps create a synergy within the group,and a compilation of thoughts which would otherwise, possibly never be generated.

Another important ingredient of the Mastermind Group calls for being accountable. There can be no excuses not to get things done, as you are not only accountable to yourself, but to other group members as well. In the group, as in life, you must learn to give and sharing allows you to process things better and in return as a group, we really care about each other and get to know each other on a different level. The more you give out, the more you get back in return.  Thank you Jennie for a masterminding.”

Michael Donoghue http://www.acruproperty.com.au/

Janis Hanley picJennie Gorman as a Mastermind Facilitator. I came to a Mastermind group knowing very little about what it was. I was very interested in giving my business a boost, particularly in these difficult times. And Masterminding certainly brings a structure and accountability for moving forward with a business, but what Jennie brings is unique. Over the six month course of Mastermind, my biggest learning has been around having confidence in my intuitive abilities to give me direction about where to take my business. If perseverance is the vehicle that gets us there, then confidence is the fuel, and intuition our GPS. It is from these things that business plans, products and strategies can arise from and be actualised. The Internet makes the tools of developing a business readily available, but Jennie, through masterminding, guides each person in the group on a journey of self-trust.

Joining one of Jennie Gorman’s Mastermind groups is like boarding a spaceship. You need to be willing to explore other worlds, and be close up to the others in the ship. Life support systems are critical, and Jennie puts masterminders in touch with other professionals who can provide the skills and learnings in what today’s business person needs to stay alive. With these support systems in place, you quickly learn that knowledge takes a back seat to knowing. Intuition is all you can really rely on in journeying though strange lands. Jennie wisely and calmly navigates the group through. It’s never plain sailing for any business – there will always be the asteroid belts, the worm holes and times when you must courageously step out of the ship. But it’s ok if there is an inner strength that knows that all will be ok. That’s what Jennie’s Mastermind groups build on – and it has been of such great value to my own business and life journey. I can’t really describe how Jennie does it, but, she has a winning formula. The best way to find out it is just to climb on board.

Janis Hanley www.visiond.com.au

“As soon as I heard that Jennie Gorman was facilitating a Mastermind Group I signed up and knew this would keep me accountable.

Jennie’s Mastermind Group has kept me accountable but also it has proven to be a fantastic investment of my time and money. Every fortnight I get to learn more about how I can expand my business and I’ve learned most of this by listening to other business owners in our group. I also have enjoyed the connections that I have made with every individual in the group. These connections are already leading to ventures none of us could have imagined. I see a Mastermind Group as an integral part of my business as it keeps pushing me further towards my new goals. It keeps me and my business moving. Thank you Jennie for being the Master of your Mastermind Groups.”

Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central, Brisbane, Australia


These Groups can be business changing and challenging, which in turn can take a business to the next level very fast.

Have you read Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic “Think And Grow Rich”? In this book, written in the early 1900’s, he introduces the concept of business people coming together in MasterMind Groups.

He wrote …

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”


The Connexions Unlimited Business Mastermind Groups have an energy all their own. Participants need to be committed to attending all sessions and supporting each other’s growth. This is crucial if the group is to work and progress. The group is made up of your peers who will give feedback, help brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep everyone focused and on track.

The one thing that stands out in the these Business MasterMind Groups is that participants challenge each other to move their business to the next level via brainstorming, discussion, supporting and having total honesty with each other. Being supportive of each other, along with playing devil’s advocate at times, can help move a business forward faster than would have happened without the group.

During the last half of the program there will be specialised speakers come into the group to talk on subjects picked by the group to enhance the experience of masterminding.

The masterminding experience will not only improve your business and personal life but participants will gain tremendous insights, which can be life changing in any business.

MasterMind Groups create a win-win situation for all participants. New friendships develop and everyone grows because of the support and encouragement of the Mastermind Group. This is also a wonderful opportunity to gain client referrals from each other not only within the group, but to outsiders too.

Connexions Unlimited looks forward to sharing, participating, brainstorming and supporting everyone who comes into any of the groups.

“The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help.”

Napoleon Hill, Pioneer of Personal Achievement Philosophy

For more information, contact Jennie.

For more information email Jennie.


The Business MasterMind Groups programme does not provide specific advice in any area, including the topics of financial planning, investments, risk and finance.  It is general information only, as the specific circumstances of each facilitator and or individual participants have been taken into account.