Understanding YOUR SELF and Others For Better Business MasterMinding

Understanding YOUR SELF and Others For Better Business MasterMinding

The most important thing for us all to understand is what makes us who we are. This is something that is important in a business mastermind group if we are to grow with a team of people around us.

By understanding how you ‘tick’ is the beginning of knowing yourself. Only then can you learn why you do the things you do. Through this process you can learn that others are not like you. There will always be things that may be similar, even if you are very different.

If you want to understand how to have a better connection with people you need to start by asking certain questions initially.

How do I ‘think and analyse’ everything in my life?

Why and how do others ‘think and analyse’ things so differently?

We are all different. There is no right or wrong. Black and white thinking instead of having ‘grey thinking’ in our lives is limiting and self-destructive.

Let’s start by looking at how, as individuals, we think and engage.

Some people are technical and analytical, others process oriented and detailed, or maybe people oriented and expressive or big picture and imaginative people.

In all these there are many variances. Do you fit into one or two of these?

We do recognise that some people are introverted (they energise themselves and not need people) or extraverted (need people and experiences to be energised). How we respond to others will be dependent on which one they are. People will be a sensor or a visionary and thus be a big picture or little picture person. Sometimes there will be people who combine both successfully for greater outcomes. The way we interact with them will be different too.

All these aspects above need to be taken into consideration, especially if you are putting a mastermind group together, in the hope of accountability and growth for all the members.

I do not believe from my years of experience in creating mastermind groups that it is a ‘hit and miss’ situation if the outcomes for everyone is to be positive. I know this as I learned the hard way initially when I started putting groups together. There are many ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ to a successful group.

All these basic factors above are good indicators on how we communicate with others, if we want to understand other people. There are many different profiling systems. For me, I combine two to get the results that I require when I put a group together, along with extra tools to help each individual grow to their greater potential.

As we have all had different learnings, as a result of our childhood environment, different cultures, gender, values and beliefs, religions etc we may have a similar profile but be very different in reality. All these are factored into the differences in each of us. We all have our own ‘internal map’ which is our individual blueprint that is created early on in life. As we get older we may recognise that there are things we need to do differently if we want different outcomes. Only through self-understanding can we change these for our own growth and development.

Often in some households we will find that siblings, even though born from the same parents, with the same siblings and views and beliefs, that there can be a vast difference. Often siblings do not even like each other or communicate well. They are unalike in many ways and being family is what keeps them together initially. Sometimes as they grow older this becomes even more apparent and they do not have anything to do with each other, unfortunately. This is because of lack of self-awareness, and understanding that each other do not have to agree on things to get on.

Learning to be non-judgemental and tolerant of others will make the world an easier place to live. If in business you find that you are working with or around people whom you have nothing in common, I urge you to look deeper. Gain understanding by finding the differences in how you can help them and they can support you. If you work towards a win-win, the outcome will surprise you.

It is our opposites who have what it is we need as a small business owner to grow and learn. I have found by putting different personality/thinking styles in a mastermind group together, the outcomes are far greater than one could imagine.

We gravitate to those people whom we like, who are similar to us, without recognising the ones we leave behind could be the most valuable to us in our business.

We all have our own style and our own innate and learned gifts that we bring to our business. There are many other aspects our business needs and these will often be with people who we do not naturally gravitate to. These are the people who will help and support us more than those similar to ourselves.

By understanding how others think and process information we can learn how to interact with all people for everyone’s highest good and benefit.

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