Masterminding & The Importance of Confidentiality

The Importance of Confidentiality

Building trust takes time. In business, often longer. Understanding the importance of confidentiality is vital.
One thing many business owners struggle with is having someone they can talk with in confidence. We need to be able to discuss the important things knowing that we are in a safe space. Pour confidants need to be people who are on a similar wave length. They need to understand the challenges within business.
All Jennie Gorman Business MasterMind Groups have a ‘Confidentially Agreement’ built into the formula. This aspect of all groups is essential.
Ethical duty of confidentiality.

Ethical duties of confidentiality usually arise under one of the ethical and conduct frameworks such as codes of conduct, codes of ethics, guidelines or by virtue of membership of a particular profession or professional association. … the consequences for breach of confidentiality will be in the guidelines.

We live in a world with a global community, as a result of the internet.

If we do something wrong the word gets out fast, and for a small business owner, this is not good. People talk, and to have a reputation destroyed more often not is unfixable! People have long memories.

No doubt we have all seen what happens when people have talked about a new product in the marketplace, a new theory on something or a new way of doing business. Information or news travels fast.

Protect yourself, your intellectual property (IP) and your business information (financial etc.). Being protective often makes it harder to find that ‘right’ someone. We all need people who understand our business. These people become our sounding board and are vital to help us move forward.

This is where a Business MasterMind Group can change your business with a confidential board of directors.

All group members are carefully selected for the best outcome of a group. Once a group is started the doors are closed! This is important to keep everyone on the same page for support and knowledge. It also keeps the same energetics, which is important as well.

If someone is unable to attend for some reason, they can skype into the group. There are no recordings created to make sure that this confidential clause is kept intact.

This, of course, is not a satisfactory way to attend a group. From my experience, masterminding on-line is a waste of time and money. I hear of people getting caught in these without the ‘real’ outcomes necessary. Keeping confidentiality is a challenge in this type of group if the people do not know each other already face-to-face.
On any given day we change. I know that if someone has a challenge at home it will affect the business and vice versa. Dependant on what is happening in our lives is how we will operate in a group too. If someone is having an off day, for whatever reason, it will be reflected in how they react and communicate. This is important for the facilitator to be able to ‘read’ and understand the person for the best outcome for the group.

Also from experience, the best outcome from masterminding is in a group that meets on a regular basis, in a confidential space. I know from experience that the number of people in the room and the ‘thinking profiles’ that are present are what makes the Jennie Gorman style of Business MasterMind Groups different.

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