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Life is a wonderous journey


Life is really one big adventure and game that is about helping us hone our soul. We come with a purpose and when we find that purpose so we can move on with the lessons learned to give us the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Read More »

Resistance … why do we resist change?


It is human to resist as we perceive change as a threat. This is not necessarily true but the perception we have from our past learnings. If we have the courage to go with it the change will be easier rather than hard and a struggle. Read More »

The “Wake-Up Call”


We need to become responsible for our own world, learn forgiveness of others and ourselves, to learn to give rather than take, to become positive rather than negative along with many other things. Read More »

Are you in the right business for you?


To own and run a business that will be successful takes an enormous effort. Understanding your WHY for being in business in the first place is what will be the maker or breaker of your business in the long-run. Read More »

Trust your journey


Are you enjoying every moment of your life? Being on purpose will give you the opportunity to enjoy more if you want. I believe we are here to live in JOY by ENJOYING! Learning to trust is to show strength, faith, and hope. Read More »

Conscious Wisdom


Understanding you’re own real and authentic self, deep down inside, that all knowing and all loving part of you that is here to do just that by the support you to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. Read More »

The crossroads of life


I consider that if I do not have extended time-out, the messages and lifestyle cannot be changed enough to bring in the ‘new beginning’. So, I ask you, what is your pattern? Are you smart and do it fast or are you like me … Read More »

Building self-trust


It takes strength and courage to show our vulnerabilities. Do not be afraid to show who you really are as this shows your congruency and combined with self-love equals authenticity. To have self-trust is to have self-love and self-honour… Read More »

What is a GURU?


I know that there are many things for me that I know and understand from an intellectual viewpoint but find difficult to crack open from an emotional one. This in itself is my learning so that I can conquer what needs to be conquered. Read More »

What does trust mean in small business?


Trust is all about being honest and telling the truth, even if it is difficult at times. Being truthful, authentic and trustworthy in your dealings with customers, clients and staff will move your business further ahead than most, as many are not even aware… Read More »