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Who controls your life?

Who controls your life

Not being controlled is freedom.  And, having freedom in our lives is not always easy.  We have to work towards what it is we want.  This work may be in many guises.  We need to make an effort to accomplish what we want. Read More »

You have permission to walk away

You have permission to walk away

How we treat ourselves is how we show up in the world. Life is too short not to live it to its fullest.  So love your journey and wherever it may take you. It is your journey and you can make it what you want.  If you don’t like it, change it. Read More »



As I reminisce on life I realise there need to change that only I can change.  It is now time to ponder on how I can make this a reality by exploring all the avenues that will open up with time and space. May your journey of pondering do the same for you in your travels. Read More »

As the tide comes in …


Being who I am the timing must always be right and now may not be quite the time for expanding. The people who need to know will come forth when they are ready to hear the message that needs to be given to those who have a thirst to learn. Read More »

Reflecting on what life has been


Life’s learning is a result of who we are.  If we want to make a difference and push the boundaries, we need to go out and do it.  To grow from the experiences gained and hopefully grow to be an even better person than we were programmed to be. Read More »

Why trust is important in small business

Why Trust Is Important in Small BusinessF

Trust is all about being honest and telling the truth, even if it is difficult at times.  Being truthful, authentic and trustworthy in your dealings with customers, clients and staff will move your business further ahead than most, as many are not even aware… Read More »

As I sit and ponder …


Reflecting is so very important. It gives us time to ponder. Find out who you are, what you want and where you want to be in the future.  Only by putting into action what we want in the future and believing that we are there can it actually happen in the fullness … Read More »

Leadership and Change

Leadership and ChangeF

Leadership is about CHANGE, so how does a leader react when faced with resistance, which often happen with change? Read More »

Your power of vision


I wonder, what your vision is.  Do you have one? Your vision must be clear and concise for it to be manifested exactly as you see it in your thoughts.  Having CLARITY and PASSION for your vision is what will bring it about. Read More »

Do you ‘own’ your life?


You and only you are responsible for your happiness and unhappiness.  This is such a big one when we are in the negative part of our personality.  No-one else can do this for us.  We need to do it for ourselves with love and by honouring who we are … Read More »