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Connexions Business E-Magazine- December/January 2015 Issue

Inside December – January 2015 Issue (06) Awesome Authenticity Book Launch Photos  (08) Create 2015 To Be What You Want   (11) Finding Your Niche To Profits  (12) Customer Relationship Management Contact -v- Touch  (15) Top Tips For Great Invoicing  (16) How To Find Balance In Chaos  (19) A Coat Of Many Patches 2  (20) Achieving Big Goals Through Property ... Read More »

Connexions Business E-Magazine- October/November 2014 Issue

Inside October- November Issue (6) Get Your Own Board of Directors   (9) Get Rid of All the Stuff In The Way   (10) Inspiring Executive Teams – Management Minutes, RESPECT    (13) Tales From My Fascinating Life in China, My Coat of Many Patches   (14) Roles Are Yours Holding You Back?    (17) Directors Guarantees – Are You Still Liable?   (18) ... Read More »